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Representing non-academic administrative, professional and technical employees at McMaster University
Chairperson - Sarah-Kai Antanaitis

905.525.9140 x27539
Representing administrave staff that process medical billings for area physicians.
Chairperson - Linda O'Hara
Representing Parking Control Officers on Central Campus.
Chairperson - Jeremy McFarlane
Representing Special Contables in Security Services on Central Campus
Chairperson - Greg Hamilton
Representing Operations and Maintenance employees in Facility Services.
Chairpeson - Chantelle Hankins

EFAP (Employee and Family Assistance Program) Advocate

Our EFAP Advocate can help with Employee and Family Assistance Issues such as alchohol and substance abuse, gambling or other addictions with refer

Health and Safety

Health & Safety Coordinator

Unit 1 Non-Academic Administrative, Professional and Technical Employees

Unit 1 Members include the non-academic, administrative, professional and technical employees of McMaster University.