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BIWOC – Black, Indigenous, Workers of Colour

Are you aboriginal/indigenous? Are you a worker of colour?

You have a lot in you to give. Come let us do it together, let us learn from each other and let us be the voice of leadership in our community. AWOC is a committee for us where we can come together to empower each other and seek out avenues to make an impact in our workplaces and our community at large.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Committee Chair-Chika Agabassi

Unifor 5555 Aboriginal and Workers of Colour Mandate

Despite the tremendous support the union can offer the Aboriginal and Workers of Colour (AWOC), the struggles are not always readily showcased.  Hence, the AWOC committee has a mandate to be a support group for the Aboriginal and Workers of Colour and to serve as a bridge that readily connects the AWOC community at McMaster University to the Union that works for them.


  • To represent Unifor 5555 AWOC members at the local and national levels
  • To empower every Aboriginal worker and Worker of Colour  and to express the concerns of this population  whether they are union members or not.
  • To understand the experiences of the AWOC community and to be as supportive as possible in collaboration with Unifor Local 5555.
  • To raise awareness of Aboriginal and Workers of Colour issues and concerns.


To look into the self-identification process and identify barriers or gaps in the ways people self-identify.


Unifor National Policy on Racial Justice

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