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Unit 1

Unit 1 Collective Agreement 2019-2022 Request Form

Unit 1 Collective Agreement Request Form

Representing non-academic administrative, professional and technical employees at McMaster University

Unit 1 Members include the non-academic, administrative, professional and technical employees of McMaster University.

For those of you with concerns/questions, your first point of contact should be a Steward. Stewards should be able to answer questions you may have regarding your working arrangements or clarification on the language in the collective agreement and how it pertains to your specific situation. When contacting Stewards please understand that the phone numbers provided on this listing are their work locations, and if they are working they should not be discussing Union business during the hours they are to be working. It is generally a good practice to email the Steward with your questions or concerns, or if you require more information arrange a meeting time outside of the core working hours.

In Solidarity,

Sarah-Kai Antanaitis
Unit 1 Chairperson
905-525-9140 x27539

Meghan Forbes
Unit 1 Vice-Chairperson


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