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Information on positions open for election and their responsibilities are below.

NOTE-you must fill out a nomination form for EACH position you are putting your name forward for. 

Executive Board Positions

You are only able to run for ONE Executive Board position in each election.  You are able to run for Unit Representative, Standing Committee and External Delegate Position in addition to Executive Board positions providing you are not running for two release positions concurrently.

The president is responsible for all aspect of the running, administration and stability of the Local.  They liaise with Unifor National when required for additional support to the Local.  They oversee bargaining of all units to ensure negotiations meet Unit as well as Local priorities. 

The Vice-President is responsible for all issues related to Job Evaluations in Unit 1.  They are also responsible for all aspects of local communications.  They provide support and back up to Unit leadership as required. 

The Secretary Treasurer is responsible for all the Locals finances, and budgeting.  Ensuring all expenditure and investments are administered in keeping with local policies as well as best practices.  They also serve as President of the board that oversees the finances related to our Local Hall.

The Recording Secretary is responsible for scheduling all Local Executive Board meetings and General Membership meetings.  They also are responsible for the minutes for those meetings as well as local correspondence.

Trustees are responsible for reviewing the yearly audit of the local finances, as well as participating in writing and implementing Local financial policies.

The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for ensuring that all membership meetings are conducted in keeping with Local By-Laws, Unifor Constitution and Bourinot’s Rule of Order.

The Guide is responsible for member engagement, chiefly the New Member Orientations.

Responsible for assisting members with any issue relating to health and safety, benefits, LTD, WSIB and Salary Continuance.

Executive Board Nomination Form

Unit Representative Positions

You are only eligible to run for representative positions in the bargaining unit to which you belong

Note that in Unit 1 and Unit 5, if you run for Unit Chair or Workplace/Bargaining Committee you are understood to also be standing for a Steward Role.  You can not run for both a Chair position and a Workplace/Bargaining Committee position.

The Vice-Chair Role only exists is Units 2, 3, 4, and 6.

Unit 1 (Non-Adacemic Administrative Support Staff)

Unit 2 (Regional Medical Associates)

Unit 3 (Parking Operations Staff)

Unit 4 (Special Constables)

Unit 5 (Facility Services)

Unit 6 (Legion #163)

The Unit Chair is responsible for all Employee/Labour Relations issues such as disciplines, layoff, work related concerns etc.  During bargaining the Unit Chair leads the negotiating team.  The Unit 1 Chair representative is a full time release position.  The other Unit Chairs are release as needed.

The Unit Vice-Chair assists the Unit Chair in representing members in all Collective Agreement related issues. The Unit Vice-Chair position is only elected in Units 2, 3, 4, and 6 and assist the Unit Chair during contract negotiations.

The Workplace Committee consists of Stewards who assist the Unit Chair and Vice Chair in representing members.  During contract negotiations they make up the bargaining committee.

Unit Stewards are first points of contact for members with questions or concerns. 

Unit Representative Nomination Form

External Delegate Positions

Participate in Canadian Council, which is held yearly, except for years in which the triennial Constitutional Convention is held.  Issues facing the Union on an national level are discussed and voted on.

Participate in the triennial Constitution Convention at which constitutional matters are debated and voted upon.

Participate in the annual Ontario Regional Council at which issues related to our Union from a regional perspective are discussed and voted on.

Participate in the Educational, Technical and Office Professional Industry Council as which issues related to work in our sector are discussed.

External Delegates Nomination Form
Delegate Positions (check all that apply)

Standing Committees

Standing Committees Nomination Form
Committee Positions (check all that apply)

The Election Committee runs all elections in our Local. They are responsible for ensuring that nominations and voting are run in a fair and equitable manner, in keeping with the guidelines in our By-Laws and the Unifor National Constitution. They are also responsible for ensuring that candidates are eligible to serve, and follow the rules for campaigning.