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Unit 4

Representing Special Contables in Security Services on Central Campus

Unit 4 consists of the Special Constables in McMaster Security Services.  These sworn Peace Officers are responsible for the safety and security of campus.

Unit Chairperson James McGuinness

Unit Vice-Chair Tom Murdock


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Unit 4 Documents

Recent Unit 4 Posts
  • We have seen many changes to campus life over the past few weeks.   Firstly, we want to take a minute to let you know that your continued dedication to the University has not gone unnoticed. Your Union has been spending all their time working to ensure members in all of our Units are healthy, safe and kept financially stable.  We appreciate that our Special Constables are seeing no functional changes in regards to hours, reporting to work etc, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been keeping up to speed with how the department is handling the situation.  We anticipate that there will be no change to department operations outside of any pro-active steps to ensure members are as safe as possible while performing their duties keeping campus protected.  We expect our members will follow any directives and use any and all PPE provided.  While you are required to report to work, if you are facing unique circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, please reach out to Chair, Greg Hamilton ( or President, Beth Couchman (

  • Local 5555 News Logo

    Welcome to Unifor Local 5555’s new website! The new site has been completely redesigned from the ground up to help serve the members and the community at large, Just a quick tour: The Main page now works like a newspaper – get all the latest news from 5555. You will also see in the top menu links to everything on the website. The sidebar also has an events calendar where Local and local events can be seen. Units – Each Unit of Local 5555 now has it’s own dedicated page where you can find Unit specific information and documents as well as the latest news posts. Retirees – without our retirees fighting fo us in the past we wouldn’t be where we are today as a Local so they get their own page 🙂 Standing Committees – Each Standing Committee now has it’s own page as well with descriptions and contact info. Newsletters – Find and read all current and past editions. Contacts – The old website had contact all over the place so it has now been combined into one place to make things easy to find. All in all we’ve gone for a simpler design to make things easier and more logical to find. Enjoy!! Allan Fisher.

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