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By-Elections Nominations October 22-29, 2020

Unit 1 Workplace Committee Nominees

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I’ve been involved with the union for about 6 years now, and currently serve as a Steward and Trustee. I’ve held a number of other roles including Workplace Committee Member, and Young Worker’s Committee Co-Chair, and have also represented the Local at a number of conferences including Ontario Federation of Labour, Unifor National, Unifor Regional, ETOP, CPWO, and more. I also currently sit on the Executive Board for Coalition of Post-Secondary Workers of Ontario (CPWO). I’m seeking to be elected to the Workplace Committee again, as I would like to continue to advocate for our members in a larger capacity. I’m a strong believer in the power of a union, and will remain a strong advocate for Unit 1. I hope to count on your vote.

Unit 2 Vice-Chair Nominees

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Voting Details and Instructions

Voting will open on November 6th at 9:00 a.m. and close on November 12th at 12:00 noon.

We will again be using Simply Voting.  You will receive an email to your McMaster email account with instructions and your password.  If you do not receive the email, first check your spam folder.  If you don’t find it there, or have any issues with casting your vote, please reach out to Emily Heikoop, Vice-President.


Election Committee Campaign Information

All nominees whose names will appear on the ballot are encouraged to submit profiles of themselves to the Elections Committee in the following format. These profiles will be posted on the UNIFOR Local 5555 website on the Elections Committee page:

Maximum of 250 words

  • 12 point New Times Roman font
  • Single spaced
  • 1 inch margins
  • Word document
  • One passport-sized picture of themselves (2 inches wide X 2 ¾ inches long)

Candidates can host a website for campaigning purpose. The Union website will link to candidates’ website provided: ”that they are in accordance with the UNIFOR Constitution and the UNIFOR Local 5555 Bylaws”. The Elections Committee believes that these websites are an important way to ensure that everyone has access to as much information as they want to access.

The Elections Committee will monitor the websites for any changes to ensure that changes do not contravene any criteria. If they do, the link to the candidate’s website will be taken off the UNIFOR website.  Candidates are requested to inform the Elections Committee when they make changes to their website.

Use of Bulletin Boards on Campus:

Local 5555 bulletin boards can be used by candidates In Health Sciences there are UNIFOR 5555 bulletin boards without keys that candidates may use 1st floor outside of cafeteria in the blue section and 3rd and 4th floors near purple elevators. As well, there are many public boards in the building that candidates may use.

To use the public University bulletin boards, candidates must get permission from the MSU or department that owns the board before posting their posters

Candidates are responsible for removing all posters. UNIFOR 5555 accepts no liability for posters removed that were not properly approved nor responsibility for posters not removed by the candidates themselves in a timely manner or which cause damage to university property when removed

Use of University Resources:

The University has made it clear that they do not authorize or condone the use of University resources for campaigning purposes. This includes the use of McMaster e-mail address to campaign. Candidate’s use of University resources can be construed as time theft or simple theft of unauthorized use of photocopiers paper and so on. Also, management risks being seen as favouring one candidate over another.

The Elections Committee respects management’s stance on this issue. The committee reiterates to candidates that they are not to use University resources for campaigning. If there

is evidence that a candidate running for office has chosen to do so, it is not within the realm of the Committee’s responsibility to counsel, defend, or discipline that candidate. Any action taken must solely be the employer’s responsibility. It is also not the responsibility of the Elections committee, rather that of the employer, to monitor whether candidates use University resources or not.

Candidates’ Code of Conduct:

Candidates shall make every effort to ensure that their conduct is respectful and above reproach. This means that they should not engage in conduct which could be regarded as unfair or unacceptable by a reasonable, fair-minded, and informed person.

Candidates should be aware not only of their own rights but should also respect the rights of others. Nothing should be done that will create tension and disrupt the congenial atmosphere of these elections.

All candidates shall exercise restraint in speech, manner, and conduct, and show respect for the opinion of others so that electioneering does not tum into a war of words and confrontation. Every one of you is here to represent the best interests of the membership in the manner that they feel is the best. Everyone has the right to run if they fulfil the requirements.