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The Women’s Advocate is trained to help members who are experiencing harassment, domestic violence and abuse.   The Women’s Advocate is not a counsellor, rather an advocate who can help Members access workplace and community resources.  Although the Women’s Advocate program was designed primarily to help women in abusive situations, the Women’s Advocate is there to help all members of the McMaster community with any number of issues, including:

Domestic abuse
Workplace harassment
Daycare issues
Eldercare issues
Financial problems
Marital breakup
Mental health issues
Addiction problems

In the workplace, the Women’s Advocate will:

Respect confidentiality
Listen, believe, validate and assist
Promote access to community and workplace resources
When necessary, help plan for future safety
Respect a woman’s right to make her own decisions

In the community, the Women’s Advocate can:

Network with community partners
Lobby for child care, affordable housing and funding for women’s programs
Promote women’s equality campaigns
Speak out and take action on issues

All contact with the Women’s Advocate is strictly confidential.   They can be reached at 905-537-3798.