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Unpaid Leave Resources

If you are being put on an unpaid leave of absence due to COVID-19 we have resources below that can help.  If your hours or working conditions are changing, we encourage you to reach out to your Unit Chair for more information.  Information specific to each unit can be found below, as well as on your Unit page.

Unifor National has also launched a petition to have the CERB fixed to allow SUB (Supplemental Unemployment Plan) payments.  For more information and to sign the on-line petition see the post here.

Many of Unit 1 members continue to work from home.  For those who are unable to work remotely if able alternative work and training is also being utilized to keep Unit 1 members employed and paid. 

Unfortunately, there are some roles that cannot be done remotely with no alternative and they also do not fall under the Essential Businesses and Services List issued by the Province.  In those cases, we are starting to see changes with University making decisions that affect hours of work or the usage of vacation to maintain pay. 

We have had conversations with the University, understanding that these changes are coming.  We have no information on the members affected at this time but do understand communication has occurred with some members being asked to book vacation in order to supplement a reduction in hours.  If you are having any discussion regarding your hours of work or the need to take vacation please reach out to Sarah-Kai Antanaitis, Unit 1 Chairperson, so you can discuss the options presented to you and the implications of your choices.  Again, we have not been advised of the implications across the Unit and need to better understand how the University is dealing with this. 

Unit 1 Chair

Sarah-Kai Antanaitis

Cell: 905-536-8252

Members of Unit 2 continue to work remotely, with any required office time staggered to ensure safe social distancing.  Questions regarding your work should be directed to your Unit Chair Linda O’Hara at

Today (April 9th) you would have been contacted by your supervisor outlining parking operations operational plan going forwards during the COVID-19 measures being implemented on campus.

For part-time members, as there are no shifts available, you are being put on leave.  You may be eligible for the CERB benefit, and we have information posted below that may help.  If you are a student, we are aware that the Federal Government is looking at some measures that will better protect and support you.  However, we don’t have details on those yet.  The documents below has information and links to the Service Canada site, which will have the most up-to-date information.

For Full-time members, the operational plan and how it impacts you will have been communicated to you as well.  If you have questions about your situation you are encouraged to reach out to Emily Heikoop, Vice-President.

Member in Unit 4 are seeing no changes operationally as the important work you do is still required, and in many ways, more important than ever.  If you have any concerns or questions reach out to your Unit Chair, Greg Hamilton, at

Members in Unit 5 should also have been updated today (April 9th) by their supervisors to changes to their hours of work, job duties etc.  There are a lot of moving pieces to the measures rolled out today and some details are being worked through still.  We know that for some of our members, notably those who are working part time, they are facing leaves.  Also, while some provisions, like the need for members to use 50% of your 2020 vacation entitlement are required across the entire unit, each work group may have slightly different requirements for implementing them. 

You are encouraged to reach out to Chantelle Hankins, Chair, or Emily Heikoop, Vice-President for more information.

We are seeing no sign of easing of social distancing rules that would signal a potential re-open for Royal Canadian Legion Branch 163.  We hope that our members have been successful in applying for EI or CERB.  If you have any questions please reach out to your Unit Chair, Stacey Burns or President, Beth Couchman.

CERB Benefit Fact Sheet