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Covid19 and McMaster Class Cancellations

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Today McMaster University announced they were cancelling in-person classes and end of term exams for all students.  Members in Units 1, 3, 4 and 5 on and off campus will likely see some changes in University operations due to these cancellations.

Our National and Local Union is also taking precautionary steps.  Non-essential meetings are being re-scheduled or done via video conferencing.  Area schools at the local are cancelled until the end of April, and will be rescheduled when appropriate.

Your Union representatives are still reporting to work on-site and readily available to assist members.

We have been keeping in communication with the University as to how the University’s precautionary measures may impact our members.  McMaster staff are still required to work, though flexibility is being offered where possible.  The key points are below:

  • Supervisors are being encouraged by the University to be flexible with working arrangements whether that means ‘working-from-home’ arrangements or flexibility with scheduling paid time off.  If you have the ability to work from home, work remotely, or adjust your working hours you should try to make arrangements with your supervisor.
  • Members who are required by Public Health to self-isolate will continue to be paid even if they do not normally have access to paid sick time or have exhausted their sick time benefit entitlement.  We do assume that there will be documentation required to support the payment for those who would not normally qualify for sick benefit payments.  We will update you on those processes as details are confirmed.

The University Guide for Supervisors does lay out McMaster’s directions to Supervisors in regards to these items.  The guidelines to determine if working at home is a potentially viable option can be found on the Work-From-Home document.  If you need assistance with these, or any other Covid19 related issues, you are encouraged to reach out to your Unit Chair.



The University is also regularly updating their webpage on COVID19 where helpful information, resources and useful links can be found.



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