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Solidarity with AGO Workers on Strike – Sign the Pledge

Posted in Unifor 5555

Over 400 Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) workers are on strike against contracting out and for better hours, liveable wages, and a future at the gallery. Our livelihoods should matter, not just the bottom line.

We keep the gallery lights on. We keep the doors open. We keep the art moving. And on March 26, we shut it down.

Over 60% of us are precarious, part-time workers who can’t get consistent hours or full-time opportunities. Meanwhile, the executive elites collect annual pay bumps as high as 40-60%.

We love the arts & the gallery, but after years of dedication, we shouldn’t be at the poverty line. Part-time workers still pay full-time rent. Dignity, like art, is for everybody — so we’re on strike for the respect we’re owed!

Stand with workers on strike – pledge to not cross our picket line! Workers have shut it down – now it’s time to take action and bring home the message to the gallery’s management, Board of Trustees, and donors: No Deal means No AGO.

Sign the Pledge: No Deal, No AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario workers on strike – OPSEU SEFPO

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