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Union Update Meetings

Posted in Unifor 5555

We will be restarting our Union Update meetings in the fall of this year. For
some of our newer members you may not have attended these previously.
We have, in the past, met at each of the off-campus locations over the lunch
hour to connect with members from those workplaces and update them on the
local happenings and answer any questions they may have. It has been a
way to engage our off-site members and ensure they are feeling a part of the
Unifor Local 5555 membership.

We have decided that while we will move ahead with these update meetings,
we will not yet be doing them in person.  Each location, and even sometimes
each department, has slightly different return to in-person work plans in place
and we recognize that this could create a barrier for some not in the office on
the day of the meeting.

These meetings allow the local leadership the opportunity to bring you
updates and information about what is happening within our Local.  It also
allows you the opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and discuss
issues that are specified to your area.

Approximately two weeks prior to the meetings, an email will go out to the members in the area, with a link to the Membership Meeting page where they can RSVP.  Members must RSVP to receive the meting link, which is generally sent out the morning of the meeting.  You can also click the box on our website sidebar to navigate to the meeting page.

As new meetings are scheduled, they will be posted on this page, and again, notifications will be emailed to our members closer to the scheduled meeting time.